Work with the Right Agent

It is important that, whether buying or selling, you choose the best possible agent to help you with your move. 

As a seller, you will need to find an agent that charges reasonable fees and that is enthusiastic to help you to sell your home.  You can often tell which real estate agent is successful and which manages to make sales by the number of sold signs that you can see from their agency. Sometimes you will see an agency brand on many of the for sale boards outside homes that are waiting to be sold, but remember that the more for sale signs you see, the less that the agency must be selling. Legally the agent must treat you with the utmost care and attention. They should be cooperative and do their best to sell your home for you. If you are concerned that your agent is not acting in your best interest then your should inform the authorities, as they are breaking the law. Your real estate agent will arrange for photographs of your home, create brochures for prospective buyers and offer viewings. All this is included in the final fees that you will be charged. 

As a buyer, you will want a real estate agent who is willing to listen to you and your requirements. They should ask you about what kind of home you wish to purchase, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, if you need any special additional rooms such as a utility room and they will ask you about your location. The real estate agent will then use your requirements to shortlist the properties that are available to purchase.  When the agent has created a shortlist, they will show you around the properties that they think suit your needs.  They should not be pushy, and you should feel like you can ask any questions along the way.

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