Ways to Fund Property Investments

There are many ways you can fund your real estate property investment with.  

The main way that you can fund an investment is by using a combination of savings, loans and a mortgage. If you cant get together a deposit that is big enough for the bank to be able to loan you a mortgage, then you can often get a small loan to increase the amount of money that you have available to put as a down payment on a home. You will pay the loan and the mortgage back in agreed monthly instalments, whilst paying interest as per the bank’s guidelines. There are many different mortgages to choose from and you can choose the mortgage that is most affordable and convenient to you. 

If you are unable to meet the mortgage repayments for your home, you could take in a lodger. You can charge them an amount to rent a room from you, and this would contribute towards your mortgage repayments. 

Another way that you can finance a property investment is to get another mortgage and charge a tenant to live in the property. This way you will be effectively be able to pay off your mortgage even though it is not you who is living in the home. This can be a good option if you wish to have another property to be able to sell as a retirement fund should you need it. 

Sometimes the sellers are able to offer you their own mortgage. This means that you pay the seller a value every month as though you were renting from them, until you had paid enough money to own the home. This can be very risky if you make a private deal, so it is a good idea to seek legal guidance before pursuing this kind of route.

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