Ways to Invest in Property 

The obvious way to invest in property is to buy when the price is low and use it as your home until the market begins to recover.  Whilst this can be great for first time buyers and for families who do not have the capital to own more than one home, there are people who have spare cash in the bank. Rather than rely in interest from the bank, it can be a good idea to use property to make an investment, which will grow over time and even provide additional income. 

Invest in a holiday home

You can find villas and reasonably priced homes abroad, which are often cheap if they are in the areas that are only just beginning to attract tourists.  These homes can be very profitable.  You can use the holiday home as accommodation for when you go on holiday and when you are not using it, you can rent it out to other holidaymakers.  As the home appreciates in value and you find that the area is becoming more popular amongst residents, you can sell for a high profit.  You should be careful that you have a good real estate agent who has reliable contracts in the country where you wish to invest as there can be land disputes and problems that you may find difficult to take care of yourself from your home country. 

Buy to rent

You can get a mortgage on a property and then rent it out to repay the mortgage.  This way you can have more than one mortgage on multiple homes and have income to pay the mortgage off.  Often, you can find mortgage arrangements that cost less per month than the rent that you will be able to charge.  You can make a little profit each month whilst also being able to pay back the mortgage repayments.  You should ensure that your tenants are trustworthy and that they will pay back their loans on time.

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