Via Varejo S.A. (GBXPY) shares gained 9.00% today (2020-02-19). Is it the right time to buy?

What’s happening at Via Varejo S.A. (Other OTC:GBXPY)? What made the stock one of the top performing stock today? The company is indeed among the top gainers of the stock market, skyrocketing 9.00% (or 0.30 points) to $3.64 from its previous close of $3.34. So is it the right moment to buy?

The shares had an increased trading volume of 81,000 contracts this session compared to the average daily volume of last 10 days of 27,000 contracts and they had an increased trading volume compared to the average daily volume of last 3 months of 27,000 contracts.

The indicator of a company’s profitability, the earnings per share ratio is -. This value shows how much money a company makes for each share of its stock. A higher EPS indicates more value because investors will pay more for a company with higher profits. This is negative and tells you exactly how much money the company lost per share of its 1.1B outstanding stocks.

The closing market price for this trading session was 281.86% over 52 weeks minimum price of $0.95 and 0.55% under 52 weeks maximum price of $3.66. Also the price is 5.83% greater than 200 day average of $3.44 and 5.83% greater than 50 day average of $3.44.

Latest news that might have contributed to the great perfomance of GBXPY today are:

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