Investing Money in Gold – Various Ways to Do this

It is no wonder that these days, maybe more than ever, people are looking to invest their money into something durable and stable and for this reason they are tempted to choose gold as the valuable asset for their investment. This precious metal has proved to stand the test of inflation and its value has always been appreciated throughout time surviving at all the various fluctuations of the investing market.

Gold has become in the meanwhile a safe vehicle of investment for investors all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most favored ways of purchasing gold, such as coins or bullion, bars, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds:

  • Gold coins come in two forms: bullions and collector coins. While the first ones are simply gold coins having the value of gold that is currently on the market, the second ones are pieces of collections that have historical value added to the gold value. This is why you will find collector coins being priced at higher value, not to mention that to their value are also added the rarity and significance of the collection piece.Bullions are typically minted by the country’s government and its authenticity is guaranteed by this aspect. As compared to collector coins (that are purchased mostly by collectors), bullions are purchased by investors for the sake of investing their money into something valuable that stands the test of time. These days, you can purchase these ones online but you have to always check the reputation of the seller prior to paying for them.
  • Gold bars are another way to purchase gold but this is mostly approached by large investors. It is important to mention here that there is no discount on the price you pay even if the amount of bars is purchased in bulk. The other aspect you need to be aware of is that gold bars cannot be sold as easier as gold coins can be sold.
  • Mutual funds is the other form of investing in gold. There are two options here available for you: investing only in gold or you can opt to invest in any other precious metals available: platinum and silver.
  • The next form of purchasing gold as your investment is gold exchange e-traded fund (ETF) which works mostly in the same way as mutual funds work. The exception is that with e-trades investors choose from a pool and the funds are further used into purchasing gold.

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