The American Dream – Is Home Ownership Even Possible Anymore?

It has long been an ambition of many across the nation to own their own home.  The ability to live in your own place, knowing that you are safe and that you do not face the threat of losing your home is very important to all of us.  For some it remains a pipe dream however.  Something that used to be so common is now quickly turning into a luxury that only a few can afford.  Is this really the case though?  Is it possible to own your own home in today’s market? 

It is true that house prices have risen far faster than the value of inflation.  What would have taken a family just a few years to pay for in home ownership will now often take many years.  The main thing these days that allows people to own their own home is the ability of the banks to loan them money.  This money is in the form of a mortgage, and it allows the buyer to pay back what they own in manageable monthly chunks.  This does often take many years however, simply because the house prices are so high.  You will need to decide if you think that you can make the commitment of buying a home and investing in it over a few years. 

There are many different ways that someone can finance the repayments on a mortgage.  It is possible that you could purchase a home and then rent it out.  This would allow you to own a home and to generate income to pay off the mortgage too.  You should remember though that any maintenance that needs to be done is your responsibility.  You should be prepared for such instances. 

You should be careful that you will be able to repay your mortgage as you can have the property taken by the bank if you cant make your payments on time, but home ownership these days is indeed still possible.

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